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Sahaar Rezaie

Executive Director, Genesys Works Bay Area
"The Bay Area symbolizes so much that is good about America – ingenuity, creativity, and promise. However, the path to success is rocky for many young people growing up here. While talent is distributed equally across this great region, opportunity is not. In partnership with our supporters, Genesys Works provides the spark for our students to discover and leverage their motivation and resilience. We could not do this without you."


Genesys Works provides pathways to career success for high school students in underserved communities through skills training, meaningful work experiences, and impactful relationships.


2019 Results

Total students served

$ 0 M

Total student earnings

0 %

College enrollment rate

0 %

First-generation college students

0 %

Qualify for free or reduced lunch

0 %

Students of color

$ 0 K


0 K

Median earnings of employed alumni

0 %

Earn more than both parents combined

0 %

Earn the same or mare than at least one parent

0 x

Social Return on Investment

Jerome Sumaylo, Accenture

When Ambition Meets Opportunity
"Tim is constantly improving. Any setbacks he’s encountered, he always overcomes them, and goes above and beyond to provide great value to Accenture."

Michael Nguyen, University of California Berkeley

A Bright Future for Students, Families, and Communities
"When I joined Genesys Works, I had the intention of turning my life around. Through my internships, I did exactly that. The most important thing that Genesys Works taught me was that hard work pays off."

Mackenzie Betrone-Harpst, Genesys Works Bay Area Director of Development

Spotlight on Salesforce
"Salesforce has made an incredible commitment to Genesys Works, here in the Bay and in several of our locations across the country. Their support is invaluable to the work we do empowering youth in America."

Thank You Supporters

Genesys Works is able to make a difference in the lives of Bay Area students because of the financial contributions made by our generous donors. For these gifts, we are most grateful.

$250,000 +

Crankstart Foundation
Tipping Point Community

$100,000 +

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

$20,000 +

Koret Foundation
Quest Foundation

$10,000 +

Dome Construction
Scott and Laura Kupor
Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation
Pacific Education Foundation
US Bank

$5,000 +

Ebay Inc
Stacy and David Kanter
Amity Millhiser
Wells Fargo

$1,000 +

Paul Chapman
Guillermo Diaz
Tommy Gill
Bill & Casey Johnson
Marshall & Marshall Accounting
Microsoft Corporation
Taylor McKinley
Omar Morales
Jesus Soto
Sherman W


Helena Ahlers
Erin Glenn
Google, Inc.
Meg Marks
Dave McCandless
Scott Merryman
David Robertson
Gavin Turner


Tolliver Bell
Joshua Chae
Ray Elias
Bernice Gordon
Angela Grady
Christopher Hammond
Benton Ho
Seth Pardee
Nicole Terrizzi

Up to $99

Tom Abbott
Ona Allison
Amazon Smile
Adriana Ameri
Neha Anand
Lauren Anderson
Matt Apple
Pamela Armstead
Angelina Arriaza
Dillan Arrick
Fatimah Aure
Madeline Azevedo
Sharon Azzam
Sharon Bacani
Nicolas Backal Stavchansky
Sarah Bagaman
Scott Barnett
Dina Barron
Erin Baudo Felter
Rob Beahm
Bryan Beauchamp
Tanya Benvenuto
Lauren Berry
Matias Blanco
Tom Blich
Lindsey Bly
Cole Breidenbach
Tom Britton
Austin Brown
Jay Bruton
Morgan Buenz
Rob Burnett
Ruth Busbee
George Busharis
Daniel Camous
Jack Campbell
Scott Campbell
Alex Cehanovich
Remy Champion
Bradley Christoph
Frederick Chung
Michael Cohn
Maria Corpuz
Alan Cota
Emily Cox
Max Cutler
Alex Dahl
Grace Daniels
CJ Davis
Judith DeAlba
Alexandra Delivanis
William Dice
Matt Dorn
Shelley Doty
Victor Duan
Thomas Duesing
Elizabeth Duffy
Tom Duffy
Krishna Dulal
Jarin Dykstra
Pat Evans
Kristi Evans
Brad Evans
Eric Evans
Len Fischer
Chuck Fontana
Jared Forney
Jerry Fu
Jayson Furia
Megan Gallagher
Ryan Gallof
Lauren Gard
David Gennarelli
Pete Geraci
Nichole Gibson
Kylie Gifford
Andrew Gill
Ted Girard
Venkatesh Gopalakrishnan
Jesse Gortarez
Kevin Gough
Jill Graham
Erica Greene
Jamie Grenney
John Gronberg
Sheena Grove
Jim Hanlon
Brian Hansen
Ellen Hansen
Kevin He
Cynthia Horiguchi
Claire Hunsaker
Doug Ito
Francisco Jacoby-Rivera
Abhishek Jadeja
Miraj Jallie
Jenna Jerkovich
Qi Ji
Mingxia Jiang
Adrienne Jones
Raju Joshee
Robert Joynt
Eric Karlinsky
Beth Karr
Joe Katusha
Karen Kay
Brian Keefer
Kane Keeling
Eric Kelleher
Katie Kern
Melody Kim
Sven Kniest
Liz Kokoska
Chris Kramer
Kaushik Krishnakumar
George Kwon
Allison Lai
Michael Lange
Jessica Larkin
Patricia Lawson
Michelle Lewis
Lindsay Life
Joyce Liu
Bonnie Liu
Shujie Loedolff
Jack Lynch
Andersen Lynner
Alex Ma
Tucker MacLean
Sai Maddali
Chris Maresh
Dan Marma
Reena Mathew
Rich McCallus
Alison McDougall
Patrick McDowell
Greg McLeod
Steve Miller
Alan Miller
Sunny Mittal
Paul Moore
Michael Morriss
Karissa Murray
Thanh-Ha Nguyen
Elizabeth Nicolosi
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Mike Paiko
Katie Palmer
Jennifer Peneyra
Tricia Perkins
Marla Phillips Espenschied
Josh Pitts
Arpan Punyani
Mark Quesnel
Sol Rapson
Doug Reed
Hans Reichenbach
Tom Reinsel
Casey Rhatigan
John Richards
Tatiana Rickert
Brett Ritter
Natasha Rojas
Emily Rollo
Adam Rosenzweig
Ben Sabrin
Joey Santoro
Brandon Scarbro
Ryan Schultz
Matt Selnekovic
Omid Shabrokh
Kyle Short
Keith Sibbern
Abhishek Singh
Chris Sivanich
Bryan Smith
Tom Smith
Bryan Smoltz
Alyssa Smrekar
Andrew Snaider
Christina Solomon
Todd Sommers
Lucien Sorce
Brian Spillman
Jess Starr
Rob Stevenson
Shea Sullivan
Grant Szabo
Kpayah Tamba
Mik Tareen
Jake Thomer
Brett Tighe
JJ Tong
Michael Traw
Rick Umenhofer
Fendry Utama
Samantha Varney
Amrutha Vasu
Stephen Velazquez
Lauren Wagner
Mike Wallick
Eloise Walsh
Kathy Waynick
Hayley Wickins
Julie Wihlborg
Patrick Wilcox
Alexandra Williams
George Yen
Dale Young
Cassie Zimmerman

Leadership Society member


2019 Corporate Partners

The collaboration between Genesys Works and our corporate partners is at the heart of our success. We want to thank the following companies for providing life-changing work opportunities to our young professionals.

2019 financial report

Genesys Works Bay Area Financials 2019
Earned Income 1,864,786
Contributed Income 1,009,988
TOTAL INCOME 2,874,774
Student Wages 1,077,535
Other Program Expenses 1,338,180
General & Administrative 183,855
Fundraising 193,009
Net Unrestricted Income 82,195
Genesys Works Bay Area Financials 2019
Cash and Cash Equivalents 136,411
Accounts Receivable 181,393
Other Current Assets 2,641
Property & Equipment (Net)
Accounts Payable 14,361
Other Liabilities 280,124
Unrestricted Net Assets (41,105)
Temporarily Restricted Net Assets