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Katherine Taylor

Executive Director, Genesys Works Houston
"Eighteen years ago, we began connecting youth from Houston’s underserved communities to professional opportunities and pathways to career success. In fact, we made it our mission and it’s become a personal calling for me.”


Genesys Works provides pathways to career success for high school students in underserved communities through skills training, meaningful work experiences, and impactful relationships.


2019 Results

Total students served

$ 0 M

Total student earnings

0 %

College enrollment rate

0 %

First-generation college students

0 %

Qualify for free or reduced lunch

0 %

Students of color

$ 0 K


0 K

Median earnings of employed alumni

0 %

Earn more than both parents combined

0 %

Earn the same or mare than at least one parent

0 x

Social Return on Investment

Ramon Garcia, Midcoast Energy

Sparking Sustainable Futures for Houston’s Youth
"Whenever we at Midcoast provide an opportunity to an incoming intern, we are providing them that initial professional spark that will allow them to learn something about a profession and an industry, that not every high school student will have the ability to experience. The opportunities that Midcoast provides will hopefully be a springboard to greater opportunities in the intern’s professional life.”

Raul Arreguin, intern at Enbridge

Unlocking Students’ Potential
"Genesys Works prepared me for college and set me on the right track to pursue my career. Having an internship has allowed me to expand my knowledge and workplace skills and gain experience in the corporate world.”

Belen Cosme, Genesys Works class of 2016

Ready for a Lifetime of Career Success
"As soon as I started talking to recruiters, they noticed that I already had internship experience with a Fortune 500 company. From there, the conversation flowed easily and doors opened to even more opportunities.”

Stella Cunningham, Scarborough High School

Championing Real World Skills In and Out of the Classroom
"Genesys Works accepts the students right where they are. The program creates a framework that provides students an opportunity to learn teamwork, employability skills, networking, and how to access postsecondary institutions, while exposing students to a variety of business careers.”

John Allen, Director at PurePoint Financial

Investing in Houston’s Future Workforce
"Genesys Works takes the time to focus on each student individually and helps prepare them for a meaningful career. As avid volunteers, we've been able to hear directly from students who enthusiastically share what they have accomplished. Whether through Mock Interviews or internships, they are developing skills that will stay with them forever.”

Thank You To Our Supporters

Genesys Works is able to make a difference in the lives of Houston-area students because of the financial contributions made by our generous donors. For these gifts, we are most grateful.

$200,000 +

The George Foundation^

$150,000 +

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation^
The Fondren Foundation^

$100,000 +

Trellis Foundation

$50,000 +

The Brown Foundation
The Houck Family Foundation
The John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation
The Powell Foundation
Wayne Duddlesten Foundation

$25,000 +

CFP Foundation
Chick-fil-A Foundation
Comcast Foundation
M. D. Anderson Foundation
 Raymond and Elaine Messer
 Elisabeth Nash
SIM – Houston

$10,000 +

Adam Barth and Elizabeth Harper

 Linda and David Castaneda
Albert & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
Baker Botts LLP
 Shawn and Rachel Duffy
Ernst & Young LLP
George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
Greater Houston Community Foundation
HEB Tournament of Champions Charitable Trust
 Richard and Elizabeth Husseini
John P. McGovern Foundation
 Robert, Elise and Lily Flexon
Price Gregory International
PurePoint Financial
Texas Children’s Hospital
Vivian L. Smith Foundation
Walter P Moore
Youths’ Friends Association, Inc

$5,000 +

Baker Hughes a GE Company
BB&T Branch Banking and Trust Company
Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates, Inc.
 Jesse Carrillo and Ilene Goldfine
CenterPoint Energy
Chet Morrison Contractors, LLC
Community Health Choice
Crestwood Midstream Partners LP
 Marian Davenport
 Myra and DiCarlos Davis
Enbridge Foundation
EPAM Systems, Inc.
Fifth Third Bank
First Horizon Bank
Harry S. and Isabel C. Cameron Foundation
Human Capital
 Catherine and Brian James
 Gene and Lyna Janiszewski
 Myrtle Jones
Kinder Morgan Foundation

 Evan and Elizabeth Kirchen
 Jerry and Laura Lasco
Marek Family Foundation
 Mike and Anna McDonnell
McKinsey & Co.
Miller Grossbard Advisors, LLP
Pauline Altman-Goldstein Foundation
 Michael and Lynn Preston
RBC Capital Markets, LLC
 Scott and Stephanie Silvas
Strike LLC
 Elizabeth and Mark Sweigart
 Hilary S. Ware

$1,000 +

 Charles and Amy Alvarez
Amegy Bank of Texas
Avanade Inc.
 Erskine Black Jr.
Bloomberg Philanthropies
 Carolyn Burke
Cheniere Energy, Inc
Culture Map
 Brian E. Dunn
Field Industries LLC
 Mary Beth Gracy and Jason Martinez
 Matt and Janet Heath
 David Henley
 Sam Hix
Houston Methodist
Houston Young Lawyers Foundation
Tracy and Ken Janda^
JL Allen Services, Inc.
 Mike and Libby Jones
 Paul and Jean Krueger
Magnolia Oil and Gas
 John Del and Wendy Mixon
 Charles and Karen Penland
 Scott Pharr
Ranger Plant Constructional
Eden Rooney

 Susanna Sabbagh
 Ron Scharnberg
 Kathryn Smith
Sterling Construction Company Inc.
 Katherine Taylor and Vincent Heesakkers
US Pipeline
Vinson & Elkins LLP
 Steven Wyatt

$500 +

Carina Antweil
Dinova, Inc.
Jake Guillory

Houston Area Women’s Center
Madeline Kelly
Lisa Marshall
Shelby Mathew
Todd McGarth
Margaret and Jonathan Nash
Joe Osborne
Steve Sidney
SIM Foundation

$150 +

Amod Bavare
Fred and Carolyn Brieden
Catie Brownback
Alejandro Colom
Sarah Davies
Megan Donaldson
Jerry and Brenda Fabian
Joe Foy
Paul Halpin
Greg Hughes
Ann Jackson
Michael Lewis
Rone Luczynski
George Meegan
Mohan Panicker
Joe Quoyeser
Albert Rees
Peggy and Mark Rhoads
John Scales
Robert Scheinerman
Lori Spilde
Donna and David Steadman
Dorothy Taishoff
Jane Wagner

Up to $150

Oluwafemi Adunbarin

Norma Allen
Amazon Smile
Tamara Anderson
Gayla Ashley
Sandi Ashley
Colleen Ashworth
Sara Beaves
David Berry
Olga and Joel Betancourt

Fred Brieden
Andy Brown
Debra Brown
Jake Bunch
Aracely Bustos-Oliva

Aaron Cano
Deborah Castillo
Xochitl Castillo
Juan Chavez
Chip Clarke
Corinne Collard
Kristin Collins
Dave Conover

Ashley Cuevas
David Emmons

Kristy Fields

Cindy Flores

Suzie Flores

Miguel Angel Gallegos

Karen Garcia

Aaron M. Godoy
Josh Grabow

Victoria Guerra
Ross Heidecker
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

LeRonica Hill
Amy Hufnagel
Alice Humphrey
Tim Jackson
Steve Janda
Ranjith Jangala
Michael Johnson
Marcela Kane
Naaz Khumawala

Jennifer Kolb
Lary Kupor
Andrea Low
Lucy Lunt
Lane Martin
Kenny McCorquodale

Shawntell McWilliams

David Michels
Ray and Jennifer Miller

Shannon Mosher
Cindy Moss
Steven Moss

Shams Muwafaq

Janet Nieto
Brian O’Higgins
Olatunji Olaoye
Robbie Pape
Deidra Patterson
Andrea and Jim Patton

Zachary Patton

Vesta Pears
Katherine and John Plumb

Linnea Principe
David Robertson
Edwin Rodiguez
Janet Rudnicki
Dax Sanders
Keionna Sanders
Kathryn Shanley Charlene Slack
Helen Small

Joe Small and Angela Hernandez Thomas Smith
Nikki Suarez
Justin Sumrall

Lewis C. Taishoff

Kelly Tarr
Keith Thayer

Melissa Tompkins

Tony Tran
Michael Triesch

Alicia Vasquez

Janine White

Kristen Wilbanks

Amir Yunus
Troy Zuckero

Special Thanks to

Astros Foundation
Harris County
Phil and Lynne Sprick

Leadership Society member


^ Multi-Year Gift

2019 Corporate Partners

The collaboration between Genesys Works and our corporate partners is at the heart of our success. We want to thank the following companies for providing life-changing work opportunities to our young professionals.

2019 financial report

HOUSTON 2019 Financials for annual report 2019
Earned Income 4,596,461
Contributed Income 1,745,601
TOTAL INCOME 6,342,062
Student Wages 2,254,878
Other Program Expenses 3,213,216
General & Administrative 469,381
Fundraising 458,585
Net Unrestricted Income -53,998
HOUSTON 2019 Financials for annual report 2019
Cash and Cash Equivalents 1,814,548
Accounts Receivable 680,917
Other Current Assets 346,079
Property & Equipment (Net) 132,296
TOTAL ASSETS 2,973,840
Accounts Payable 36,227
Other Liabilities 213,227
Unrestricted Net Assets 2,410,390
Temporarily Restricted Net Assets 401,668